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Our values

Accelerate energy transition

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In order to define a long term plan, modern companies must anticipate the potential impact on their activities due to climate change.
KERDOS works with private and public organisations to identify riks and opportunities to prepare the transition towards cleaner and more efficient energy sources.


Energy expertise

KERDOS identifies, selects and implements technical solutions that reduce energy use and limit environmental impact. Kerdos will identify alternative energy sources adapted to your requirements.
In addition to the economic and environmental advantages of reducing energy use, our approach facilitates the adaptation to the increasingly strict energy and environmental regulations.

Economic opportunity

The transition towards alternative energy sources presents an economic opportunity as well as an environmental advantage. Increased energy efficiency and use of alternative energies adapted to requirements will reduce energy bills. In addition KERDOS will identify the financial aid available to support these efforts for example carbon credits, energy efficiency subsidies etc.

A personalised approach
The energy challenge is on a global scale however, at KERDOS, we know that every organisation faces specific challenges and requires specific solutions. Our holistic approach takes into account the activities of the organisation and the constraints and opportunities specific to the particular region. Our engineers will recommend and implement pragmatic solutions adapted to the existing culture and structure of the organisation.

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